I hereby take the opportunity to introduce our association as an initiative of people who live and work in the trans-Yamuna areas of Delhi NCR and who trace their roots to Assam. A need for a socio- cultural platform for the people of Assam living in the trans-Yamuna areas of Delhi NCR has long been felt. Its importance was particularly felt so as to enable and facilitate the social and cultural integration of our region with the national mainstream. With these primary objects, some persons sharing the aforesaid common vision decided to formalize and constitute "Assam Peoples Welfare Association (Regd)" in the year 2014. We are small, but we have big goals, bigger hearts, and lots of things to do for the community! Membership is crucial to a association's success; even more so in our case. All members in the association should be on the lookout for new members. So if you have a friend or meet someone who may be interested in joining, please invite them to the Association and get them in touch with any of the members or myself. To all those reading this: please join the association if you haven't yet. This will add strength and help us in becoming more resolute in achieving our goals. All the activities at the association to a large extent are dependent on the dedication and hard work of our members. We are fortunate to enjoy the benefit in the quality and loyalty of our wonderful members.

We continue to incrementally improve year on year, getting a little bit better at everything we do. We continue to provide a social outlet for our community and to facilitate the safe and healthy development of our children.

I wish to particularly acknowledge the work done by our team of dedicated members in securing sponsorship from various businesses to cover the expenses. To ensure seamless interaction and exchange of ideas we also launched our website www.apwa.org.in. Please do visit the site and share your ideas!

With season's greetings & warm regards,
Manish Goswami,
General Secretary, APWA